Our goal with the project was to create an impactful story on how women were viewed during the early 19th century. Daisy from The Great Gatsby was a complex character that we had a difficult time sympathizing with. Her character is twisted due to the way society view women, much different from how men were treated. In the movie, she talks about her daughter...


"Hope she will be a fool, that's the best thing a girl can be. A beautiful little fool. All the bright precious things fade so fast and they don't come back."


Although it was a short dialogue, it left a deep impression on me. Daisy states that it's easier for a girl to be dump and beautiful. Based on her dialogue, our animation explores the connection between Penny and Daisy, how Penny was treated in the society that was dominated by men and how she felt. Art Deco was the most influential movement during its time so, we consistently use Art Deco patterns, outfits and the gold shimmering background light. The lighting contracts with the silhouette figures which help sets the mood and foster a personal connection with the character.

Media Used: iMovie, Stop Motion

Inspiration: Lottle Rendier, The Great Gatsby

Music: Green Light by Craig Armstrong

Voice: Carey Mulligan



Title of the Analog

Using Art Deco frames and golden luminosity to set the mood of The Great Gatsby, 1920s

Emotional Scene where Daisy look upon Penny ever so tenderly, afraid of her daughter growing up 

Daisy eventually let Penny out of the cage to experience life but she wishes Penny to be like her, a beautiful fool

As she flies through the lights and grew, men woo her left and right due to her beauty and naivety   

The last scene, she is looking far out like daisy was looking out through the window in the beginning scenes. Then she eventually looked down at how powerless of a fool she is.

She waves in joy as she is the center of the men's eyes. Guys in the background propose money, diamond, house, car and frame

Unlike the previous scenes, she is curled up in the center of the deep abyss, where she can no longer run or hide. Men grew bigger and louder as she appears smaller. 


Behind The Scene