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Difficulty viewing the VR?

360 Virtual Reality of Bee Town

Our BeeTown campaign addresses a powerful statement, if "Bee Die, We Die." We often neglect the fact that Bee carries 90 percent of our food source, they are the pollinator of the world. Without bee, eventually, we lose essential nutritions like milk, almond, majorities of the fruit, vegetable, decline of beef and more. 



I illustrated a VR to show the two different world with bee and without the bee. Yellow, gray and white color are consistently used to set the tone and atmosphere of the environment. The scene set in the urban city like New York, on the right, people are seen happy, food and vegetable are available, sold and grown on their balcony.  However, on the left side of the VR, trees, people, and cow are dying, the price of food increase and finally companies go out of business. These drastic changes in the two worlds show the importance of living with and without the bee. BeeTown's mission is to share the knowledge and educate the viewers about the effect and the benefit of beekeeping. 


Su Moe



Rip Kal


Our BeeTown also developed a call-for-action campaign ad: Bee Die, We Die. Help the city, help the bee. My illustration expresses the emptiness of food resources as a bee open the can, then only to find that there is nothing inside. This indicates the result of our action of killing bees and the result of what it becomes. The characters are looking down desperately as they stand on the single beehive. The Ad shows a hopeless situation to encourage people to join the movement and take action to promote beekeeping.